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About Us

"I want a world with no boundaries.  A world where we speak only one language; the language of love and  creativity."

This was quoted by the then entrepreneurial 53 year old Latin U Like Homewares. upon setting up the business in 1992. Having lived  in various countries , and having being exposed to different cultures, Marta  has been able to remain flexible and open to all new concepts and ideas. Nineteen years on Marta has realized her dream, creating a thriving Gifts and Homewares Wholesale business, with her main emphasis on Decorator Accessories. When it comes to that magical amalgam of design  and quality not all Decorator Accessories are born equal.  U Like Homewares. Import Exports have succeeded in remaining the unrivalled leader in our ability  to nurture continuous enthusiasm for our truly wonderful collections.

Forever surpassing her expectations, Marta is able to offer a complete range of lifestyle ideas for the home and garden. Setting the scene both indoor and out, is our endless outpouring of new lines. Unique fiber glass and ceramic urns, vases, and bowls, of  classic and contemporary designs. Tantalizing metal/glass/stone candle holders and accessories. Exclusive statues made of stone and aluminium. Beautifully crafted scented candles presented in gift boxes, combining  soap and soap holders and various toiletries sets. Our cutting edge exotic products are perfectly balanced with a large array of traditional, elegant  creations. Our goal is, and has always been, to bring your fantasies to the  reality of your homes:  If you dream it, we have it.

Our  customers have learned that they can depend on the exclusivity of our designs and the attractiveness of our products. While we don't aim to compete with the cheaper end of the market, our prices remain a most convincing alternative to the prices of the common and the repetitive character of today's spectrum of accessories. In spite of modern pressures for declining prices, we take great pride in retaining our characteristic hand-crafted textures and natural designs, amidst excellence in service. Our vast and eclectic range lives up to our expectation of  continuing to be a true one stop shopping experience for everyone.